19, 07, 2019

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Tattoo artist: ALEX RATTRAY

BIO Colour realism specialists in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now booking big 2 day pieces. Instagram- www.instagram.com/alex_rattray_ink/ Website – www.empire-ink.co.uk STYLES Realism WORKS AT EMPIRE INK Edinburgh, Midlothian A tattoo studio owned and operated by geeks!!! Owned by mega-geek and incredible artist Alex¬† PORTFOLIO TATTOODOCS.com / from:¬†tattoodo.com Detaljnije »

The Look of the Land Around Us: Landscape Tattoos

Feelin’ some wanderlust for lands far far away? Escape for a moment with these landscape tattoos. Landscape tattoos are cool because they basically could be anything as long as they include…land. Obviously. So, technically they could be a seascape, or a building, or mountains and sky. It all just seems to be based on whatever you love, wherever you love ... Detaljnije »