19, 07, 2019


Best Picasso Tattoos – King of Cubism (PHOTO)

With this foray into fine art we bring you a collection of Picasso tattoos that will make you yearn for cubist creations. He may have been a big personality, a womanizer, and a total egomaniac, but…honestly all of that is hearsay. And on top of that, to this day his artwork continues to garner admiration and influence artists all over ... Detaljnije »

Interview with excellent tattoo artist Laura Yahna (PHOTO)

In this interview with Laura Yahna we talk about Berlin, horror flicks, and freehand tattoos. The haunting eyes of harpies stare out from under their wild manes, birds serenely stand while varied botanicals and spooky stairs wind their way around the skin in a graceful dance of black ink. These are the musings of┬áLaura Yahna. Known for her free handed ... Detaljnije »

Tattooed Travels – Seoul, South Korea (PHOTOS)

In this guide, we take you to Seoul, South Korea to check out some of the most talented artists and some of the coolest shops! Seoul has not always been a dream destination of mine, but after seeing the insane amount of talent surface from that area in particular over that past year, I knew I had to arrange a ... Detaljnije »

Leather Daddies and Bondage Babes: Kinky Tattoos (PHOTOS)

These days people are taking Tina Lugo’s advice and wearing their kink proudly with kinky tattoos! A new trend is popping up, and we couldn’t be happier: kinky tattoos are blazing progressive trails all over the place and setting hearts on fire. It’s pretty appropriate for these days of political strife…you’d think that kinky tattoos are just about being sex ... Detaljnije »

A Whole Lotta Beautiful Black and Grey Tattoos (PHOTOS)

These black and grey tattoos should spark your imagination and leave you craving more inspo. Like it or not, there are some rules of tattooing, some tried and true techniques, that are there for a reason. And as the saying goes, “bold will hold”…traditional tattooing is immediately recognizable through its iconography, yes, but also its use of thick black lines ... Detaljnije »

We’re Paw-sitive You’ll Love These Cat Tattoos! (PHOTO)

Big cats, little cats, cute ones and seriously cool ones, these cat tattoos will have you purring for sure. How deep our love is for cats…those fuzzy little creatures that can either cuddle you for hours, or literally not even give a f*** that you exist. They are true anarchists…they do what they please, they are equal opportunists, and they ... Detaljnije »

The Look of the Land Around Us: Landscape Tattoos

Feelin’ some wanderlust for lands far far away? Escape for a moment with these landscape tattoos. Landscape tattoos are cool because they basically could be anything as long as they include…land. Obviously. So, technically they could be a seascape, or a building, or mountains and sky. It all just seems to be based on whatever you love, wherever you love ... Detaljnije »