19, 07, 2019


Interview with excellent tattoo artist Laura Yahna (PHOTO)

In this interview with Laura Yahna we talk about Berlin, horror flicks, and freehand tattoos. The haunting eyes of harpies stare out from under their wild manes, birds serenely stand while varied botanicals and spooky stairs wind their way around the skin in a graceful dance of black ink. These are the musings of Laura Yahna. Known for her free handed ... Detaljnije »

Tattooed Travels – Seoul, South Korea (PHOTOS)

In this guide, we take you to Seoul, South Korea to check out some of the most talented artists and some of the coolest shops! Seoul has not always been a dream destination of mine, but after seeing the insane amount of talent surface from that area in particular over that past year, I knew I had to arrange a ... Detaljnije »

Tattoo artist: ALEX RATTRAY

BIO Colour realism specialists in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now booking big 2 day pieces. Instagram- www.instagram.com/alex_rattray_ink/ Website – www.empire-ink.co.uk STYLES Realism WORKS AT EMPIRE INK Edinburgh, Midlothian A tattoo studio owned and operated by geeks!!! Owned by mega-geek and incredible artist Alex  PORTFOLIO TATTOODOCS.com / from: tattoodo.com Detaljnije »